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Occupy DC or K Street or Elsewhere Protests

While interviewing the folks in my “This Day in History” segment, I was alerted to the fact that there would be an economic-related protest in Freedom Square in a few days, so before leaving for a long weekend out of town, I swung by the protests. To be forthcoming, I’ve never been a big fan … Continue reading

H Street NE Festival 2011

Where to start? The H St NE Festival, held each September in the revitalized (and re-branded) Atlas District north of Capitol Hill is overwhelming in every sense of the world. The seven blocks of the formally downcast boulevard are peppered with so much culture, commerce, and character that its inevitable that you’ll miss something you … Continue reading

DC Arts on Foot 2011

Held on both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, DC Arts on Foot provided a downtown counterpart to the Adams Morgan Day Festival, with food from more established restaurants, as well as a cooking demonstrations, events in the Verizon Center, and a wine tasting set-up inside the new Riot Act Comedy Theater.

Adams Morgan Day Festival 2011

During a long weekend of filming four different events, we spent part of Sunday afternoon away from the Mall and national September 11 commemorations to instead take in the day in one of DC’s more distinctive neighborhoods, Adams Morgan. Some embrace for it for its beautiful architecture, cultural diversity, and its symbolism of unity, drawing … Continue reading

The Great Hurricane Irene Sandbag Craze

Saturday, before the rains got heavy and the winds kicked up, DC residents took their final shots at grabbing a few sandbags provided by the city, passed out to endless lines of cars at one of the side parking lots at RFK stadium.

Hurricane Aftermath in Petworth

In the middle of editing the footage we shot at the DC Sandbag Handout yesterday, we stepped outside to find this.