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The award-winning short film “Ripped Off”

A few weeks ago, some friends of mine entered the 72-Hour Film Festival in Frederick MD, of which I had never heard, but appears to be at least tangentially related to our dearly departed Art-O-Matic. (And by dearly departed, I mean, hasn’t occurred in a way that my former band could play one of our … Continue reading

Occupy DC or K Street or Elsewhere Protests

While interviewing the folks in my “This Day in History” segment, I was alerted to the fact that there would be an economic-related protest in Freedom Square in a few days, so before leaving for a long weekend out of town, I swung by the protests. To be forthcoming, I’ve never been a big fan … Continue reading

Food Truck Truckeroo Monthly Festival

Food trucks have come a long way in the last couple years since they started popping up around town. While a few have gone under (so long Sabora Street, we miss your plantains), the remainder few dozen have formed an alliance. Thanks to Food Truck Fiesta, the food truck aggregator, folks can get a GPS-y report each day … Continue reading

The Lost Interviews at the National Book Festival

As mentioned in the Terry McMillan interview clip, we did 5 other interviews at the National Book Festival, all of which featured a tremendous, atonal buzz, covering up the audio we thought was A material. This was a gut-wrenching discovery, as we had been granted a press pass to a fairly high-profile event and scored interviews … Continue reading

Terry McMillan and the National Book Festival

On one hand, the last minute application for and acceptance of a press pass to the National Book Festival was oddly exciting. This is a signature event in the publishing world, held out side on the Mall, that thousands of people plan their trips to our nation’s capital around. The parade of successful and well-known folks … Continue reading

(e)merge art fair opens on busy arts weekend

Taking place all weekend is the new (e)merge art fair, the brainchild of Leigh Connor and Helen Allen, among others. The event reflects the growth of DC’s profile as a contemporary art market, but isn’t the only game in town this weekend. Actually, its a crowded few days for art lovers, with probably more events … Continue reading