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(e)merge art fair opens on busy arts weekend

Taking place all weekend is the new (e)merge art fair, the brainchild of Leigh Connor and Helen Allen, among others. The event reflects the growth of DC’s profile as a contemporary art market, but isn’t the only game in town this weekend. Actually, its a crowded few days for art lovers, with probably more events … Continue reading

H Street NE Festival 2011

Where to start? The H St NE Festival, held each September in the revitalized (and re-branded) Atlas District north of Capitol Hill is overwhelming in every sense of the world. The seven blocks of the formally downcast boulevard are peppered with so much culture, commerce, and character that its inevitable that you’ll miss something you … Continue reading

Fashion Night Out for March of Dimes

Since starting this blog, we’ve had several ideas for fish out of water type stories and none more fishier nor more out of water than to somehow immerse ourselves in the world of fashion. Technically, it’s not my first encounter if you really want to cast a wide net for criteria, but definitely my first … Continue reading

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