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This Day in History

This Day in History (Oct 5 1947)

After doing some websurfing, we came across History.com and their daily feature “This Day in History”, which gave us an idea. Why not talk to folks about events from the past,m mine some memories, and use them for discussion in a present-day context?

For our trial run of this hopefully rolling feature, we found out that on this day, October 5, in 1947, President Harry Truman delivered the first presidential address ever broadcast by television. At the time, an amazing few had TV sets (in the thousands) and the speech itself was about curbing American consumption of grains due to starvation across Europe. (Sixty-four years have truly changed the world). We camped out in front of the Newseum and spoke with a couple, married 50 years, from Columbia MD about Presidents and speechgiving.


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