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Food Truck Truckeroo Monthly Festival

Food trucks have come a long way in the last couple years since they started popping up around town. While a few have gone under (so long Sabora Street, we miss your plantains), the remainder few dozen have formed an alliance. Thanks to Food Truck Fiesta, the food truck aggregator, folks can get a GPS-y report each day telling them who’s where. The DC government even has a page dedicated to opening a mobile food biz, while local eateries are continuing to fight the trucks by insisting on an ordinance that keeps them moving after shorter amounts of time.

This summer, Truckeroo, manned by Georgetown Events, has sprung up near Nationals Park, in between The Bullpen and Das Bullpen one Friday each month. We did a round of interviews in the late afternoon, the day’s slowest time, for ease of operation. A number of folks mentioned that the event seemed a bit slower overall in terms of foot traffic. Perhaps the novelty is wearing off a bit? Regardless, it’s still a good way to compare all the different offerings. Once again, as was the case in our previous write-up, Takorean had the longest average line.

Our thanks to the trucks we spoke with: Curbside Cupcakes, Mojo, Cajunator, Orange Cow, Red Hook Maine Lobster, DC Empanadas, BBQ Bus, and Wonky Dog. We appreciated sharing some of their unusual stories and really appreciated DC Empanadas for letting us try and serve an extremely confused customer when we said “we don’t have any empanadas, only Chinese food.”

One technical note, this is our first feature cut exclusively in Adobe Priemier, which took 3-and-a-half hours to export an 8-plus minute movie. So, we’ve still got some system issues to work out. We had a lot of footage and made major cuts, making the process was time consuming to say the least.


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