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The Lost Interviews at the National Book Festival

As mentioned in the Terry McMillan interview clip, we did 5 other interviews at the National Book Festival, all of which featured a tremendous, atonal buzz, covering up the audio we thought was A material. This was a gut-wrenching discovery, as we had been granted a press pass to a fairly high-profile event and scored interviews with some fairly notable folks in the literary, media, and performing arts worlds. We were imagining a series of highlights clips, put together in our newly Adobe Premier acquisition (bells and whistles!). Retweets by the Library of Congress. Respect from all the Fleischman-Hillard PR junkies who served as volunteers at the media tent. We’re talking big stuff here.

We spoke with John Bemelmans Marciano, of the Madeline book series which he inherited from his grandfather, and marveled at his articulation of the business of publishing and its changing landscape. We were told that one of Bob Marley’s children would be stopping by, and minutes later we fell head over heels for Cedella Marley, daughter of the late reggae legend, who, as it turns out, has designed clothes for Usain Bolt and may be one of the five cutest people on the planet. And, is 6 years our senior, but looks like she’s maybe 25.

Because we were simply in awe of his perfect radio voice, we couldn’t think off the cuff of a proper goofy question for Bob Edwards, of NPR and Sirius XM fame, only to watch the guy from Brightest Young Things read ridiculous questions to him for (not kidding) 15 minutes, recording the whole thing with an iPhone. Finally, as we were trying to write suitable questions for historian David McCollough and/or Prairie Homer Garrison Keilor, we were introduced to Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos Cookies, Uncle Wally’s Muffins, and a new early childhood education campaign, and were treated to probably the highlight of our interviewing career, past and maybe future.

Instead, we’re here with a bunch of footage we can’t do much with, except work on a new quality-assurance procedure for making sure the moderately-priced HD camcorder does what’s it’s paid to do from now on. Instead, please enjoy this reel of outtakes with subtitles, some of which are true and some of which are open to interpretation. Instead, perhaps we’ve stumbled upon a new, semi-regular feature.

Also, enjoy two tracks we recorded for the indie film “On the Move”, put together by the members of the Subsidized Corn improv troupe for the DC 48-Hour Film Festival. (The full soundtrack is here, by the way).


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