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(e)merge art fair opens on busy arts weekend

Taking place all weekend is the new (e)merge art fair, the brainchild of Leigh Connor and Helen Allen, among others. The event reflects the growth of DC’s profile as a contemporary art market, but isn’t the only game in town this weekend. Actually, its a crowded few days for art lovers, with probably more events and scenes they hope to attend (more than we can, that’s for sure).

(e)merge itself boasts over 80 exhibiting artists from 15 countries, and I certainly that diversity being the uni-lingual schlub that I are. At the after party, there were beautiful woman and fabulous men speaking a number of languages and some of it felt like an scene from either Ready to Wear or, for the lower-brow, a dream sequence from Entourage.

My thanks to the artists I interviewed: Anne from the Idea Store, Sean Noyce, Calder Brannock, and Katharine Mann. One of the great things about artists is that they really have no reservations about being interviewed and going along with a tangent for the sake of just seeing where it goes. These are fun folks to talk to, serious about their work, but at ease with unpredictability. I also have to thank the event itself for granting us a press pass to the preview night before the doors officially opened to the public. I’ve only been asking for them for a few weeks and have about a 50% success rate so far.

For the first time, we had waaaay more footage than we could use, even with the ability to b-roll over top of interviews. Part of that is this buggy trial version of PowerDirector, which we won’t be purchasing. Too many freezes and problems, probably doubling the length of time it took to put this together and its jumpy workflow causing a few cuts I’d like to have back. We finally reached a point where we stopped trying to get more footage into the film. Too big a pain in the ass.

The Post has a slideshow here, tickets are $15/day.


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