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Fashion Night Out for March of Dimes

Since starting this blog, we’ve had several ideas for fish out of water type stories and none more fishier nor more out of water than to somehow immerse ourselves in the world of fashion. Technically, it’s not my first encounter if you really want to cast a wide net for criteria, but definitely my first time shooting one. The event was a little confusing to me at first, since it was on the same night as Georgetown’s Fashion Night Out, but was an awareness event for the March of Dimes’s work trying to reduce infant mortality in DC and nationwide. Under those auspices, it featured fashion, food and fitness. And, being last Thursday, a long day of heavy rain which almost certainly had to hurt turnout, which at any one time probably didn’t exceed 100.

When I first arrived, I spoke with Nicole from MoD who escorted me to the “blogger’s lounge”, which turned out to be a couple sofas roped off near the fragrance department. There was one news outlet there with a large shoulder camera, but otherwise it wasn’t populated with any other bloggers that I could see. I had some fun talking with Alex from the Fairfax Connection, until we each had our first real important interview, which happened to be with Tonya Lewis Lee, who serves as spokesperson and advocate on the “A Healthy Baby Begins with You,” campaign, sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Lee is also the wife of famed movie director, Spike Lee, with whom she has authored two children’s books. So, this was our first instance of anything resembling a celebrity interview and SHE BROUGHT UP SPIKE WITHOUT DOING SO, which was nice.

After remarks by Dr. Jen Faber, owner of Kinetic Health Alternatives who has served as chiropractor to Lady Gaga’s dancers, I’m not sure how many expected dancing to ensue, but Laurent Amzallag, former trainer for Oprah Winfrey’s Live Your Best Life tour and possessor of an almost exact replica of the Governator’s Austrian accent, did just that for a solid five minutes. I definitely was not expecting a pushups contest between to two selected audience members. One of the draws to the event was that three chefs on hand were to be available to do interviews, but those never really materialized, as they were busy at their food stations for almost the entirety of their events. So, the food portion is a bit underrepresented here.

I bugged the Saks Fifth Avenue staff to have someone appraise my choice of wardrobe, and after some running around, got one of the managers, Sandy, to do so. I also got Heather, who was essentially the Saks event coordinator, to pick out a new outfit for me, consisting of a stretchy t-shirt, cashmere sweater, and dark/light blue blazer, which looked sharp, I have to say. Unfortunately, the audio from that interview got corrupted and so didn’t make the cut, which is really to bad because Heather was very sweet, informative, and really really beautiful (she appears once or twice in the black and white dress and pony tail, getting to introduce Laurent’s segment). I learned a new term from her, “bleisure”, signifying the meeting point of business and leisure fashion. Seems like I could wear it to see a fratgrass band in North Carolina.

When I asked what type of girl I could get with the new outfit, heather thought “a typical DC girl who works hard, likes to get cocktails downtown after work, and would look good next to you in a dress.” A future night out might have to test if that’s really true.


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