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DC Arts on Foot 2011

Held on both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, DC Arts on Foot provided a downtown counterpart to the Adams Morgan Day Festival, with food from more established restaurants, as well as a cooking demonstrations, events in the Verizon Center, and a wine tasting set-up inside the new Riot Act Comedy Theater.

Most of the footage was shot o Saturday afternoon, which means the crowds were only developing as I was there, but Festival organizers have seen the size of the event double over the years, which I’m sure has alot to do with what has happened in Penn Quarter and Chinatown in the last decade.

It didn’t make the cut due to length, but during the cooking demonstration with Proof’s Haidar Karoum, his assist was passing out food alphabetically by last name. Each time she had new bowls of food, she’s yell out a letter and people would call for the food, except that, as you know, many letters sound very similar, hence the need for the NATO phonetic alphabet. The scene seemed a hilarious comedy of errors at the times (J? No, K! Have you said A?”, but didn’t translate to video very well.

For both festivals, doing handheld interviews with attendees had some logistical problems, so there aren’t any in either festival. Perhaps this Saturday’s H St NE Festival will be better for that.


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