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Watching People Watch Themselves on HGTV

Local realtors Greg and Christine Tindale, the husband and wife known as Tindale Team, threw a viewing party for their long-awaited appearance on HGTV’s House Hunters series Monday night. The Tindales invited friends as well as the couple who bought the house to Union Pub on Capitol Hill to watch the premier of the half-hour episode, shot last year in DC.

This entry is a bit of an ironic twist, interviewing folks about being on TV, especially since no one, buying or seller, was granted a viewing of the final cut of the program, thereby ratcheting up the tension a bit. As the storyline of the show goes, traditionally, a couple looks at 3 different houses before choosing one to make an offer on. HGTV, based in LA, sent a small crew out in November 2010 to do some original filming, then checked back about six months later to see how the couple were doing. In this case, Joanne and Justin moved into a fixer-upper Capitol Rowhouse without a kitchen, so they hired a contractor to make the place liveable.

According to Greg, HGTV shot about 24 hours of footage for the 30 minute episode, and did so after the couple had made a decision and offer on a specific house, thereby effectively asking the shoppers to re-enact their search process. Together, Greg and Christina showed the couple as many as 10 places, although the show features a choice between three. Both Joanne and Greg submitted respective audition videos to the show for consideration, resulting in them being chosen for an episode.

As for the show itself, the room found alot of moments to be funny/relatable, as the couple looked at a move-in ready house, a fixer upper, and a nice place a bit above their price range. He was looking for something move-in ready, she something more rustic. The whole process does illuistrate how, no matter what the price range, every set of choices presents tradeoffs. Eventually, they settled on house #2.


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