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We All Scream for DC Scoop 2011

We stopped by DC Scoop 2011, the first ice cream festival and competition in the district, on a hot Saturday afternoon at Union Market in northeast DC. The free event was supported by a number of organizations and featured desserts from 15 different vendors, who all donated their products for three hours and entered into a competition. Attendees received a golden ticket that they could use to cast of their favorite sample, thereby determining the Consumer’s Choice Award, while a panel judges picked the, I guess, official winner. In any case, Sinplincity Ice Cream won the former distinction while Dolcezza Gelato won the later.

Similar in some regards to Tuckeroo, DC Scoop 2011 took place in a parking lot with trucks parked around the peremiter and live music and events on a stage in the middle, including a kids eating contest. The space was a bit small for the turnout – you can see how jammed it is in the video – and the lines got pretty long. At one point, my anecdotal monitoring of one line looked like it was a solid 20-30 minute wait from back to front. That’s a big wait for a sample on a hot day. While it’s nice to have the event at Union market, a destination that doesn’t get enough due, generally speaking, the setup could definitely be improved for next time. In a few caes, it was tough to tell what line was for what vendor. Chalk it up to a big first-time turnout.

My thanks to Luis who was nice enough to sit down for a conversation about volunteering at this first-ever event. (Be sure to visit his truck if he does decide to launch one. He’s right, the city could use better Mexican food).


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