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Schlafly at Meridian Pint

Before going to the Chocolate City Beer Release Party, we stopped by Meridian Pint to see what all the fuss was about on Twitter. Schlafly Brewery from St. Louis, celebrating 20 years of business and increasing presence on the east coast, was on hand to offer porksteaks ($10) and brats ($5) off the grill on the Pint’s patio as part of DC Beer Week. The porksteaks were enormous, so we turned one down for fear of claiming an item of limited without the proper appetite for that much food. David from the Pint assisted Matt from Schlafly serving folks, while folks had a choice of Schlafly Summer Brew or DC Brau to go with their food.

Just before we started filming, a Pint server came out and asked if anyone knew CPR, since someone was choking. David left the food station to go inside and apply the Heimlich maneuver to a customer who, as it turns out, was standing and able to communicate, but did appear to have a food lodging situation. David re-emerged to applause and went right back to making sure people get sides with their grilled meats. It was a surreal moment to say the least.

Finally, this marks the second time a health emergency has occurred while Man on the Street DC was in attendance. We hope this doesn’t turn into a regular thing, but we should probably refresh our first aid certification anyway.


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