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Chocolate City Beer Launch

After stopping by the brewery in the afternoon, we attended the release party for Chocolate City Beer, the newest microbrew in DC. Held in the back room at RFD, the 9pm scheduled start time was jumped by about an hour, as kegs of Big Chair IPA, Conerstone Copper Ale, Cer Veza Nacional, and 1814 ESB were taped by 8pm and the room had already begun to fill up.

Around 11 pm there was a sizeable line outside the bar, not necessarily because of a lack of room, but because from about 9:30 until maybe 11:30, the wait for beer at the bar got difficult. To their credit, the two bartenders in the back were absolutely working their asses off trying to pour for the 20-30 folks waiting at any one time. We went up 5 or 6 times and really only had one long wait, relatively-speaking.

Most folks felt the Copper Ale was the best of the bunch, while we felt the ESB was just delicious. The IPA was stronger than we remember from sampling previously while the Nacional was the easily heaviest-tasting of the bunch. Along with the new Chocolate City Beer Burger, RFD will continue to have their beer on tap, along with Looking Glass Lounge, Wonderland Ballroom, and the Pug.

We had thought we’d do a bunch of interviews, but the backroom was loud, especially with the DJ, so we ended up only trying a couple. Instead, we concerned ourselves with Twittering, since a projector was displaying the live feed on one of the walls. Surprising, for the couple interviews we tried, the handheld mic held its own and we got enough footage to give you an idea of how things went down.


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One thought on “Chocolate City Beer Launch

  1. Thanks for the three minutes of being there. Can’t wait to try the brew first thing when I’m back in DC.


    Posted by travelerbenen Mc | August 20, 2011, 2:05 am

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