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Now Your See It, Now You Don’t

False Advertising!

Well, so much for that. Yesterday, the Friday HH gang planned to hit Chinatown Coffee for their “Summer Beer Fest featuring DC Brau“, the first homegrown beer made and available within District limits in 60 years. CC was advertising cans of the brew for $2 starting at 5pm. I’m not a huge fan of the Brau, but until Chocolate City and Three Stars launch, I’m happy to drink it here and there to support local brewers.

Cut to 5pm and the guy in front of me appears to have purchased the last can of DC Brau, which is confirmed once it’s my turn to order. There are other beers, but none for $2 and non that are DC Brau. According to one of the two guys behind the counter was explaining that “they’re not a bar” so they can’t/don’t stock that much beer while the other guy explains that they started serving DC Brau at 3pm. My big mouth announced to the line that they are out of the featured product at exactly the time when it’s supposed to start it’s availability, and maybe half the line of 20 decide to exit.

While I sympathize with a coffee and bar place having to deal with limitations of space and stock, I can’t imagine handling this event in any worse manner. If you know you’ve only got, say 4-6 cases of the stuff, either (a) don’t advertise this as a “fest” or (b) don’t run out at start time by selling the stuff before the “event.” What really bugged me was that the two guys made no effort to let people waiting in a line stretched out the door know that DC Brau was no longer an option at the DC Brau event. At least make a note on the chalkboard out front where “DC BRAU!” is scrawled enthusiastically in large letters. Probably a good business decision not to, since there was other beer to sell, but borderline bait-and-switch territory overall. 

So, we went to plan b, the Rocket-Bar-South of Iron Horse Taproom, since some of the gang do like the shuffleboard. Magically, they had DC Brau on tap (and all beers $2 off from 5-8) and somehow, even more magically, my tab got mixed up with someone else’s, who had already closed out. So, the bartender, Scott says”nothing to worry about, it’s on us.” How do do you thank someone for that? Leave them $20 anyway, which is what I did.


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